Why are we celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day commemorates the death of the Catholic priest Valentine’s Day in 270 AD. Valentine’s Day was a priest stationed in Rome during the rule of Claudius II, emperor of the Roman Empire. This priest secretly performed the weddings of the Roman soldiers with their partners. This was because Emperor Claudius II forbade the soldiers to marry, arguing that because they were in love, their military performance in wars was not the desired one.

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Because of this Valentine’s Day commemorates lovers and the bonds of love between them. When he was discovered, Valentine’s Day was beheaded by order of Claudius II. That is why this day is celebrated on February 14 of each year.

That’s the inspiration, however, knowing the story or not, February 14 is a special date for all lovers, it’s a key moment in the relationship. It is a day that generates expectations and will generate unforgettable memories, everything you do will be engraved in your memory.

The preparation of the perfect celebration is always a matter of concern for both men and women, so much so that many people consider not celebrating this day, being the worst and saddest of ideas. Whether the relationship is consolidated or in a fragile moment, celebrating love is imposed. The world will talk about Valentine’s Day, don’t miss out on building a beautiful love story by taking advantage of the emotions this day arouses.

5 steps that must be present:

1. Give flowers and chocolate as a gift, as well as in minimum quantities and even if you have prepared a more important gift. Giving flowers and chocolate on this date is traditional and universal.

2. Make a card in handwriting with words of love.

3. Have a romantic dinner at home or in a restaurant (please reserve), preferably with candlelight and a glass of sparkling wine at least

4. If your dinner does not include the hotel stay, take care to reserve and prepare a place to have a special moment of privacy. In your home, or in Hotels. Is a good idea to have novelties for the sexual part in Valentine’s Day. A massage with aphrodisiac oil is excellent, either in bed or taking a shower together.

Lighting an aromatic pheromone candle will give a special inspiration. It’s time to spread petals of the flower you gave away at first on the bed. Incorporate the vibration (add a new toy to the collection) and use it with warm-effect lubricant in the preamp. This day devotes a lot of time to foreplay. Celebrate love!

5. At the moment of intimacy, ideal afterward, you can give a more meaningful gift or surprise gift, such as a thong g-string with rhinestones or erotic lingerie. Save photos of the evening. It complements with a special breakfast the next day or with a new message thanking the most special Night of all…

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